Monday, January 19, 2015

Why didn't you write?

I just looked at the blog I started in November 2013 and saw that my last post was April 1st of 2014.  Wow!  Long time not to have written a post.

Why you ask. Well, April 1,2014 was m 45th birthday and it was on that day that I decided I needed to change my life in a drastic way. I was 219 lbs and not happy about it. So I changed. I changed in a big way. I stated attending a kickboxing class 5 days a week.  I was sweating and sore and couldn't hardly do 1 push-up. But I kept going.  I kept moving. I was going for walks I was trying to be an active person and the weight, well it didn't move. It just didn't move.  So again it was time for another change.

In June I started with Isagenix and in a quick nutshell its 2 shakes a day only its much much more.  Isagenix comes with a support group and the weight started moving. I was finally losing weight.  Not by leaps and bounds but slowly a pound or 2 a week.  I was feeling great and by September I was pretty proud of myself for still going to kickboxing 5 days a week.  I decided I was going to become a runner.  This was easier said than done but somehow someway I started to look forward to going out on runs. They were hard and I don't particularly LIKE running but my body craved it. It wants to be a runner.

All was going so well and I was getting cocky by running and doing kickboxing and not taking rest days and WAM!  I get injured.... and not in a little way.  I ended up in a cast. My first cast ever in my life. I tore my Achilles tendon. Let me tell you this is not pleasant and its a slow recovery.  But I was good and did as the Dr ordered...sort of and I healed.

I am about to publish my before and after pic. I am down 45 lbs. I have about 30 more to go to reach my goal but I will get there or I won't. For the first time in my life I feel good about the way I look and its not about the pounds its about what I can do.

The beginning of something that would change my life. 219 lbs.

Sometime late fall.


I am still a work in progress and I have the rest of my life to go on this journey but I am more happy with myself than I have ever been. I am stronger than I knew!