Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Blending Board part 2

Just what you all wanted was another look at my blending board.

Lets start with the fiber. I have some wool roving that is multi dyed. There is also some color dyed wool, angelina, silk, alpaca, and some other bits and pieces.

I start by laying down some fiber.

Burnishing the fiber into the board.

 Continue on until the board is full.  Then I can start making my rolags.

First one off always looks a little funky.

Continue drafting and pulling off rolags.

Now I filled the blending board again to show you how a take the fiber off in what is called roving.

This little disk is called a diz. The 3 holes are for pulling fiber through.

I chose the largest hole but I should have gone with the middle size. Anyway I draft and pull fiber through the diz working back and forth across the blending board.

This results in the fiber being in one long strand called roving and its ready to spin. You can see the rolags next to the roving. Both are done in the same colorway.

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