Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mystery Quilt SOLVED

Happy New Year!

I have been working on my Mystery Quilt clues but I got so very far behind with my ankle injury that I was hoping to catch up this week. But today the final clue came out and I just love what the quilt will look like when finished.  But first I need to iron the all the pinwheel blocks.

I need to sew 200 4 patches.

I already have 100 of them sewn together.

Then I need to complete 244 of these blocks. Adding a blue triangle onto them as well. (whew, I'm already tired just writing about all that needs done.)

Here are some of the other blocks I have sewn together.

 Encase you were wondering, when the quilt is all done it will have more than 5,187 pieces. WOW that is an amazing amount of pieces. I really would not have made this quilt on my own if I had looked at that number in advance.

I was not sure I would like the colors when we were told what colors to pull from our stash. Several people decided to go with their own color choices but I decided that I would trust the designer as I love almost everything she does and the only way to grow is to move out of your comfort zone. To be honest even yesterday I was still wondering if I was going to like this quilt or not. I planned this one to be on our bed so I just kept moving along and telling myself to trust the process.

Well at midnight the final clue was revealed and here it is. I just put a few blocks up on my design wall. And you know what...I love it. I am so happy I went the way of the designer.

Now to finish this beast. My plan is to have this all done and on the bed by the end of January.  Fingers crossed!


  1. Really exciting to see the reveal with your blocks. You're right, it's a beauty.

  2. Oh Wow nicely done! What a beauty!
    Bonnie is amazing and all this for free :0)

    Happy Sewing

    1. Bonnie is extremely generous to do this every year. Yay Bonnie!

  3. This is beautiful! Good for you.
    Hope your ankle is better soon.

  4. Looks really nice. I hope your ankle is healing nicely.