Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Handspun Yarn

I have been finally getting some yarn spun up one my spinning wheel. I have has my wheel since July but I just never seem to set aside time to get any spinning done but this last week I finally got some new yarn spun up.

I thought today's post I would show you some past and present yarns that I have spun. Any before you ask, I have no idea what I am going to make with them. That is not the point. Remember for me it is about the process. I know this seems odd to lots of people. But don't judge me, this is what makes me happy and as it my birthday today I get to do as I please.

I don't always remember to take before an after pictures but I am getting better.  I took these rolags and spun them into their own singles.

This is a good shot on how the rolag looks when spun.

Here both color ways are on their own bobbins. Hard to photograph.

Now I will say that the colors are washes out but the skein in the middle is the one with both colors spun together. The skein on top is just the white/blue/green colorway and the skein on the bottom is the grey/green one. Looks not much better in person even though it looks a little washed out in this picture. The yarn just looks dull and I am not sure why other than I think the grey wool I used was just dull and lacked any luster to begin with. I had high hopes for this one.

This next one I took a roving that was hand painted and split it up between all the colors as best as I could.

Then I spun each color in long color runs.

And here is what I got.

These skeins are interesting. The one on the right is mostly purple. I used it and mixed it with another colorway to get the skein on the left. Both are again better looking in person.  I hope I get better at taking pictures as my blog moves along.

This is a beautiful skein I spun up with burgundy and an olive green.

I am moving back in time now. This is the second yarn I made. Its think and thin and not very big but oh so pretty.

Last but not least, this is my first ever attempt at spinning and it is not good.  I will hold onto this yarn and never use it as I want to have something to remember where I started. In July when I have had my wheel for a year I can look back and see how much progress I have made. In 5 years, 10 years I can do the same and remember that I didn't give up even when I didn't get it right the first time. That is a lesson I need to remind myself over and over.

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