Sunday, March 30, 2014

Chinese Auction Donation

Most, if not all of you know that I have been volunteering with the local high school band for many years. Yesterday I received a text from the current band booster president asking me if I could put something together for a Chinese Auction the band is having on April 15th.  I took a minute to think about it and then said yes. I knew just what I would do.

Since this is the year of dishclothes I decided to put together a basket filled with yarn and patterns and some needles to make your own dish clothes! (Hint hint RoxieAnn this is the basket for you!)

First I started off with a basket that will be great looking to hold knitting, it has a lid for those people who have cats.

Then I added some Easter grass that looks maybe like soapy water? Just go with it.

Next I added an instruction booklet on how to knit dishcloths that have a quilting theme. See what I did there...married a few of my talents.

Add in the needles and the yarn. All that is missing are a couple finished dishcloths so that whomever gets this basket has a few samples to study. (Hint Hint RoxieAnn)

Look at all these beautiful patterns.

The instructions are really well written.

Now I just need to knit up a couple and my basket will be done to donate.

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