Sunday, February 2, 2014

Coffee Cuff

You know how when you go to your favorite coffee place and you get a little cardboard cuff to place around the cup to keep from burning your hand with the molten lava in the cup? My sister G was saying that her favorite place never gives her a cuff and that it really is a pain in the hand so I said I would knit her up a cuff.

I got this pattern off of Raverly.

I chose a yarn that was in the colors of her favorite beverage place. I didn't want her cuff to clash to much with her cup. LOL. Actually I found this yarn on clearance and I thought it was perfect.

I really like that pattern at it had a little interest in it with the cable. Simple but pretty element.

It only took me a few nights of tv watching to knit this baby up for my sister. I am going to be seeing her today so she will be able to try it out on Monday. I hope she likes it.

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