Friday, February 7, 2014

The Never Ending Quilt

I feel like my Mystery Quilt is just never ending. I was able to get a little sewing in today. I need to sew together all the pieces I have sewn together.

I got 10 of these blocks sewn together...I need 60.

I got 5 of these sewn and need 61. Oy Vey.

Here is my design wall with the 15 blocks sewn. Remember once I get all 121 blocks sewn together then they need to be sewn to each other.

I like the look of this quilt but I will say making a King Size Quilt is a ton of work and I am sure that I would only make this for myself. I do enjoy giving away my quilts but not this one.

Now I need to get settled to watch the opening of the Olympics and get to knitting on my sweater. I would be wonderful if I got to wear it for St. Patrick's Day!  Oh, and don't be shocked but I have my next sweater picked out already. It too will be a many year project I am sure. That really doesn't bother me because the things I chose to make are not inexpensive, it would be cheaper to purchase these items but I get way more hours of pleasure than I would just buying something.

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