Saturday, February 1, 2014

January Recap

I thought it would be good to see just how I did with my 2014 goal one month in.

Here were my goals for January-

Barn Raising: Goal was to knit 2 blocks.
Beekeeper Quilt: Goal was 34 hexipuffs.
Dish Cloth Challenge: Goal was 1 each week, 4 for January.
Mystery Quilt
Finish UFO quilt projects.

Now how did I do?

Barn Raising- FAILED

I almost got 2 knit but missed it by this much.

I do have 24 others complete so that is a big step towards my 60 that I need for the quilt.

Beekeeper- FAILED

I only got 20 of the 34 knit.

Dish Cloth Challenge- COMPLETED and then some

I got these 8 knitted.

Plus these 2 that I sent home with my Son. So that is 10 done when I only needed to knit 4 for my goal. YAY!

Mystery Quilt- FAILED

I didn't get much done on it this month. It is so much sewing that I need to get moving on this. Maybe I can get it done by the end of February.

UFO Quilts- DONE

I got 2 quilts finished in January, Nice Patch and Flower Market

So all in all January wasn't the best of months for getting this completed. However these are just goals, things I hope to get done not hard deadlines. I am really happy with all I did get done.

Now to get busy on February's Goals.... this is all the above plus I want to get a sweater knit during the Olympics. Something will have t give but since I am ahead on my dish cloths that can be one thing to set aside for the month.

What are your goals and how are they going??

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