Sunday, March 23, 2014

Big Wheel Keep on Turning

Got out my wheel today to do a little spinning. In case you didn't notice I have a little ADD as I bounce around from project to project. But this is how I like it!

This is my spinning wheel.

And this is what I am spinning today. It is an Art Batt that I purchased from Etsy awhile ago and I was "saving" it. Saving for what I have no idea. It has all sorts of yummy bits of fiber in it that will make a beautiful yarn.

After I spun all the Art Batt into a single I then have to ply the single to get a 2 ply yarn.  There are several ways to accomplish this task but I decided to try a new way. Its called Andean Plying. You wind the yarn in such a way that it makes a bracelet on your arm and then you can spin the yarn off your wrist.  Fancy!

I really like the way it turned out.  It didn't make a lot of yarn but it will be nice to use as a accent yarn in a piece as yet to be determined. For me its not about the end product its about the process.

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