Sunday, March 2, 2014

Missing in Action

Hi Everyone! I can't believe that I haven't posted in over 2 weeks. Just where did the time go?  I have been busy and just need to remember to take more pictures so I remember what I want to blog about. We were supposed to go to visit my daughter in the South but due to weather and illness we were unable to make the trip.

This last week I have been in bed or on the sofa with a really bad cold. It seems many people have been hit with this thing and its been a long recovery for them too. Here it is Sunday night and I am still in my pajamas laying on the sofa under a couple of quilts.

Even though I have been sick the world still turns and things still happen. I got some knitting done on my barn raising quilt.

When I was looking at my blocks I noticed that I didn't have any purple blocks. I need to get some purple into this thing!

I have been working on getting a beginner quilt class together. Here is a sneak peak.

One of my nieces asked me to knit her a coffee cozy.

And last but not least....I have been invited to be a guest blogger on Tatertots and Jello. I am super excited!

Big things are happening for me this year and I am so very grateful for all the support from all of you. Thank you, THANK YOU!!!

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