Friday, March 28, 2014

From Blending to Yarn

I started this yarn with these rolags that I made on my blending board. Please know that as I am blending I really have no idea what the end product will be I am just mixing colors that I think go together. This first set of rolags are mostly purple with blue and a splash of green.

(From Wiki: rolag (Scottish Gaelicroileag) is a roll of fibre generally used to spin woollen yarn. A rolag is created by first carding the fibre, using handcards, [I used my blending board] and then by gently rolling the fibre off the cards. If properly prepared, a rolag will be uniform in width, distributing the fibres evenly. The word derives from the Scottish Gaelic word for a small roll.  Just thought you would want to know.)

This 2nd rolag has browns and olive greens with some purple and blue.

I spun each colorway on separate bobbins. You can really see the difference in the colorways once they were spun up, these are called singles. One bobbin does have more on it than the other one and that is because I didn't weight our my fiber as I was blending so I ended up with more of one than the other.  This happens no big deal.

 Then I plied the two singles together to get a 2 ply yarn.  So pretty!

No idea what I will make with this yarn but I like it and I am happy with the results.

Up next...I again am taking 2 colorways and making one yarn. This time it is a grey/green and a white/blue.

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