Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Blending Board

This is a new tool in my tool box!

Not as excited as me? Well let me show you what it can do. I gather up a bunch of fiber and I start laying it on the board. The blending board has hundred of little needles that grab on to the fiber.

I just add color where ever I want.

Layer upon layer.

When the board starts filling up I use a stiff brush to burnish into the needles so I can add more. Why am I doing this...just wait, you will see.

Add some more fiber.

When the board is full I then pull the fiber off the board with a couple dowel rods or in my case a couple of wood needles.

I draft and pull and roll the fiber into tubes that are called rolags or rologs.

Draft and pull over an over again until I get all the fiber off the board.

Here the are all ready to spin.

Rolags or rologs are my favorite way to prepare my fiber for spinning. Why go to all this trouble? Because I get to be the designer and decide how my finished yarn will look.  Its not store bought and no one else will have a yarn like mine, good or bad. That to me is super exciting!!

I am a fiber artist!

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