Thursday, January 2, 2014

Beekeeper progress

I am doing great on my beekeeper quilt. I was able to make my goal of knitting 34 hexipuffs for  December and I have a few done towards January so yay me.

I want to have a huge variety of hexi's in my quilt so I ordered some more yarn from

This colorway is gorgeous!

I love the ocean and these colors remind me of waves.

I am a huge fan of muli colored yarn and these beauties are just melt my heart.

In the plans for the Beekeeper quilt the designer suggests adding lavender to a few of your hexi's to make the quilt smell lovely.

I didn't have any lavender around so I order some from I was on the site anyway. I really wasn't thinking when I placed my order I guess. I didn't give much thought as to how much I needed for the quilt. Just really I didn't think it through. So I ordered a pound. It was cheep so why not. Do you know what a pound of lavender looks like??

OH MY! That's a lot of lavender!

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