Saturday, January 4, 2014

Reuse Recylce

Do you like to find ways to upcycle things that you would normally throw away?

On my cutting table I have a small cupboard that I once had in my kitchen, many moons ago.

Inside I have altoids tins! These little tins are fantastic. I don't actually care for altoids as they are to strong for me but I got these from a friend who eats them like candy.

 I use my label maker to mark what is in each one. They are just wonderful to hold those items that are likely to get misplaced on a messy table during major projects.

One holds my glue sticks.

I have one for my rotary blades. Rotary blades cost more than a yard of fabric. I don't want to lose a package of these bad boys. I have a tin for small and a tin for large blades.

Chalk markers for marking on dark fabrics.

I have a tin for holding matches, if I am quilting all day I like to light a candle. I have a tin to hold command strips that are left over and one tin for holding tape measures. These tins are just so very handy. I am taking donations if anyone has any they want to give away. I have more stuff that needs organized!

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