Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Flower Market and Thread

Yesterday I showed you a new quilt that I started called Flower Market.  I am loving working on this quilt as the weather outside is frightful.

Today I thought I would talk about thread. Sounds exciting I know. But choosing the "right" thread can make a world of difference in the final product. Do you chose thread that is matchy matchy or thread that shouts out to be heard. Do you use the same thread on the top as the bottom or do you switch things up? Do you use one thread for the whole quilt or several different threads. Decisions decisions.

For this quilt I chose to use a light blue thread for the bobbin as it would blend in with the backing and not be to noticeable.

Blends beautifully.

Now for the top I was going to use a bright red variegated but then felt it would just be to much on this busy quilt. Instead I chose to use this pale purple variegated as it would just blend in with the top and not take anything away from all these bright fabrics.

This thread just is a subtle addition.  It doesn't compete and it doesn't demand attention.

Because I love the change quilting makes, here is a before picture....

and after some quilting.

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