Saturday, January 11, 2014

On the Home Stretch

I think I have mentioned that the Nine Patch quilt is king sized 108" square. I am finally seeing the end...sort of. I have the LARGE 9 patch squares left to quilt. There are 25 of these bad boys.

They are 13" square.

But since they are set on point they are 19" front to back. Thank goodness my long arm is JUST able to accommodate this block.

I already decided that this quilt would just be done with mostly feathers so I found a circle template that worked with this block. (I use painters tape to help the template not move around. Just sticky enough.)

I still need to hold onto the stencil as I move the needle around the template.

I can only go so far around before I need to readjust my hand.

This is not very comfortable and even less so when I am trying to take a picture.

And we are done.

Perfect circle, every time.

I needed to do a whole row of just the circles as I have to put an extended base on Lola to give the template some stability. However these blocks are so large that with the extended base I can't stitch the blocks as it limits how far forward I can quilt. I need every inch.

Also, this is the bottom of the quilt. I worked my way down the quilt doing everything except these large blocks because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them. Now I will work my way back up to the top.

Having taken the extend base off I can now stitch feathers around the circle.

Once the outside is done I need to do the inside.

One row done! 20 more to go!

I had trouble with the lighting today. It was to overcast to get really good photos. I will take more tomorrow if the lighting is better. I am excited to be getting this quilt done.

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