Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Moving Along

This blog is meant to be inspiring and informative, I have to step outside of those bounds and say that if it wasn't for my amazing loving husband none of what I do would be possible. He is my biggest and loudest cheerleader. He calls me an artist. This week my husband had a medical emergency that took us on an unexpected path but one we took together. In all things we are together and that makes us stronger and able to handle what comes our way. I love the man!

Moving along...

I have been working on my Nine Patch quilt and I an designing as I go along on this quilt. Sometimes I skip over parts until an idea comes to me and that happened on these little funky side pieces that run all along the inside edge of the quilt.

What the heck am I going to do with this shape??  Then it hit me. This quilt is going to all sorts of feathers on it. So that is the theme. Feathers. Okay so first things first this will need a spine for the feathers.

Hard to see on the floral fabric so lets switch over to the other side of the quilt which has a more plain fabric.

Each spine ends with a teardrop which is actually a feather. Pretty smart huh?!? Next I need to add feathers along the back of the spine.

Just keep going. (Have I mentioned how hard it is to quilt and take pictures?) Just keep going and then do the other side of the spine. Apparently I didn't get a good picture of this but ta da its done.

 This fits in nicely with the shape of the block and it adds a lot of texture.

Oh and here is what the side with the flowers looks like.

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