Sunday, January 5, 2014

Spending time with Lola

I have a quilt on Lola that I showed you almost a month ago.

Just a reminder the quilt is a King sized mammoth 108" square.  Since loading it onto Lola and getting the boarder stitched in the ditch I haven't touched the thing. SO today I decided to take a break and get something done on this quilt. I have a huge back log of quilts that need to get quilted so I need to make some progress.

Here is a quick recap of what was done before today...

No quilting done.

Just sewn in the ditch around the nine patches in the border.

Today I finished up the nine patch blocks by quilting a pattern called Orange Peel in the blocks. 

This is my plan for the borders of the quilt. I drew it on some transparency film that I can overlay on my quilt top to see if I like the plan.

Now I just need to add the feathers in the triangles.

Finished the top border.

Now I need to advance the quilt to begin stabilizing the center of the quilt. I will continue the establish border pattern as I move down the quilt.

NO idea as to how I will quilt the center.

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