Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Accidents Happen

I had a little accident yesterday that totally derailed my plans for the day.

While walking in the school I tutor at I twisted my left ankle and fell on my right knee and right hand. So instead of spending the morning with some kids I was off to the Urgent Care to get some X-rays done on my very swollen ankle. On the bright side no broken bones but boy an I sore all over and my ankle is extremely painful so I will be spending a few days on the sofa.....knitting.

So instead of tutoring , running some errands, and working on my mystery quilt I spent the day on the sofa with my ankle propped up on some pillows.  All was not lost as I was able to start a new Barn Raising Square. I knit on and off all afternoon and got almost one whole square done. I really enjoy the self stripping yarn as it keeps the knitting interesting.

Tomorrow I plan to knit dish clothes.

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