Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I haven't spent much time taking about Lola. Heck in truth I haven't spent much time at all even using my long arm machine in the past year. I feel guilty and I have a quilt on her now that my goal is to finish by the end of the month. My unfinished tops are stacking up and I need to get some finished. My plan is to use Lola on the days I am not sewing clues for my mystery quilt. So far its not looking good but I hope to have maybe a day and a half this week to spend with Lola.

Anyway, I wanted to show you my sketch books. I keep a sketch book handy to doodle quilting designs in when I am bored or need something to distract my thoughts. Below are just some of the doodles that I have drawn up. I am not a sketch artist in any since of the word but if I can draw it I can quilt it. Lola is like a really big pencil.

This next one is a good example of how a background fill can change the look of the design. One side has a meander and the other side has pebbles.

Sometimes you need something to go in the sashing between blocks.

Overall designs are good too.

Designs to make open area interesting.

This drawing.....

Became this....

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