Friday, December 27, 2013

Mystery Quilt Weeks 3 and 4

I am so far behind on my Mystery Quilt. Clue #5 came out today and I still have to finish 3 and 4.

I got all the cutting done in 2 days last week. With my ankle I can't stand more than a 2 hours without feeling it the rest of the day.  All this cutting took about 5 hours.  WOW!!

 Clue # 3 was cutting out 488 pairs of triangles and sewing them together. Each of these piles is 50 triangles. It takes time to sew them and press them open.

They are just 2".

  Here is all of them sewn together in stacks of 10. Then I needed to put 244 of them aside and make 61 pinwheel blocks from the rest of the half square blocks.

I still have 59 of these bad boys to sew together.

Clue #4 is sewing 4 patch blocks. This is somewhat easier as I am sewing 10.5" strips of green and orange together first. (Remember I am going for a scrappy look so the more combinations the better.)

These strips need to be 3.5" when sewn and pressed.

Now I need to cut these strips up and sew them back together into 4 patches. I need 300 of these guys. Time to get to sewing! I hope by next Thursday I can show you Clues 3-5 done. Wishful thinking I know.

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