Thursday, December 5, 2013

Getting it ALL done

First off- this is my 30th post. Yay me! This blog started off as my husband and I sitting around chatting and him encouraging me to write. I wasn't confident I could write all that much or that I even had anything to say. But here I am, post 30 and it feels good. I enjoy the process but I do get nervous when I get nothing done or forget to take pictures.

I have a massive To Do List in my head and sometimes it just seems overwhelming that I don't even know where to start. I decided this morning that I need to stop stressing about it and just have a To Do List This Month. As its already December 5th I am a little behind but think I can catch up.

Knit 5 dish cloths
Knit 2 blocks for my barn raising quilt

Keep up with all 4 clues for mystery quilt
Finish quilting my Nine Patch quilt on Lola
Complete Twisted Pinwheel quilt top

That is all I think I can accomplish this month. I did finish sewing all of my triangles for the 1st week of the mystery so that's done. I did not add that to my To Do List as I don't add things that I have already finished just to have something to cross off...tempting but no.

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