Saturday, December 28, 2013


My couch time hasn't gone to waste these last couple of weeks. I have been making hexipuffs.  My goal is to make 34 each month so that by the end of next year I will have enough to make a throw. So far so good. I am right on track to get my quota for this month. Yay me!

I have gone so far as to order some mini skeins of yarn so that I have an incredible array of colors in my quilt.  These mini skeins are just 20 yards of yarn and make 2 hexipuffs each. I ordered them from Etsy. (check out etsy for all sorts of cool things)

I found that 20 yards is just a little short for one row short on the 2nd hexi so I am going to order some mini skeins that have a bit more yardage and see if I like those better.

Today I am heading to visit my Mom for the day so I will be taking some yarn and needles with me. I think I am just going to take along one ball and knit as many as I can from that instead of hauling a bunch of little balls with me. Less to lose.

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