Monday, December 30, 2013

Fabric Stash

Do you have a stash of fabric that you keep on hand encase you feel inspired to create?  I do. I have a small stash (compared to other quilters, really its small) that I have on hand to be there when I have an idea that I need to see materialize and I use my stash to inspire ideas as well.  Sometimes when I am stuck and in need of ideas I can pull out fabrics and tryout different color options.

With the New Year just around the corner and my fabric stash getting used faster than I have been rebuilding it I made a resolution to rebuild my stash a little each month. I decided that each month I would purchase fabrics in a certain colorway for that month. I set a budget and will do my best to stay within this budget.  Just to be clear, stash fabric is not the same as fabric I buy for planned project. Totally different.  My house, my rules.

Because I intend for my blog to be informational I will let you know what my budget is and how I intend to spend said budget.  Let's start with the basic understanding that good quality quilting fabric goes for on average $12.00 per yard.  My budget is $100.00 each month. So I can get 8 + yards of fabric. If I get just one fabric that is kind of boring. I can get 8 different 1 yard cuts and that's fun but what I really want to get is 16 half yard cuts, not that is exciting!  16 different fabrics in one colorway is just divine on my budget.

Okay so we have the basic math out of the way we can then look at how I am planning to divide up my purchases each month.  Sure I could buy one of this color and one of that color each month but what I am trying to do is build my stash by colors. I want color, I don't want to pick a fabric I like, this exercise is about walking into a quilt shop and in 5 minutes pick out all the color for that month. No thinking.

DISCLAIMER:  I cleaned up a little so that I could show you these photos. It doesn't always look like this nor will it stay this way for long.

January- Low Lights (these are fabrics with just barely there color, they are soft and muted colors)

February- Red

March- Green

April- Purple

May- Yellow

June- Pink

July- Blue

August- White w/ Black

September- Brown

October- Black

November- Orange

December- Christmas fabrics ( reds, greens, gold, white anything that screams Christmas)

My sister M sent me a text on Friday night to tell me that the quilt shops in Columbus were all having fabric sales this weekend. She knew I was planning to visit my Mom on Saturday. So of course I had to go check out the sale at one of the shops closest to my Mom.  My husband, Mom and my sons fiance' all went with me to the shop. I walked in intending to get my 16 half yard cuts of low light fabrics. I just walked around the shop pulling out fabrics that fit in this category, I didn't stop to think if I liked it I just grabbed a bolt and handed it to my husband. When I took all the bolts we could carry up to the cutting table and asked for half yard cuts the wonderful women informed me that the sale was only for 1 yards or more. Dang...there went my plan.  However all was not lost. 1 yard of fabric was 25 % off so that's like getting 18" or a quarter yard of fabric for FREE. So I ended up getting 13 1 yard cuts of fabric.  Oh are they lovely.

 My total....$125.00 with tax. A little over my budget but I got 13 yards of fabric instead of 9+ yards.  I saved like $40.00 with the sale.  I am patting myself on the back right now.  The next big sale is Super Bowl Sunday and that is in February when I need to get my reds!!!

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