Thursday, November 21, 2013

Barn Raising Quilt

My Barn Raising Quilt isn't exactly what you might expect. This quilt is a knitting project that I came across in the book Knitalong.

To make this quilt I need 42 blocks that are then sewn together to make a lap size quilt. I plan to make one slightly larger. Not sure how much larger as it may just get to a point where I say enough is enough. Here are a couple of pictures from the book so you get an idea of the finished quilt.

I am making each block from leftover sock yarn. When I knit a pair of socks I always have a small amount left over and this is perfect for one block.

So far I have knit 19 blocks. This is a wonderful project to make from yarn you would otherwise not use. Its the prefect scrap quilt and I just love that!

I keep all my finished blocks along with extra sock yarn in a tub. It keeps everything in one place and dust free. This is a LONG term project so keeping everything in one place so nothing gets lost is a plus.  You can make this quilt without using left overs, one 50 gram ball of fingering weight yarn yields approximately 3 squares.

I finished my Mom's Christmas present in which I used fingering weight yarn so I'm using what I have left over for a block. It may not be enough to make a whole block but because this quilt is scrappy I can just add another color to finish it off and it will be just fine.

In case you are wondering...these needles are Signature double points.

Side note :   Signature makes my  FAVORITE needles.  You need to be a serious knitter to purchase these needles, I think of them as heirloom pieces, something I will hand down to the next generation when I pass. I like the idea that when I am no longer on this earth that someone will inherit items of mine that they will use and think of me. (I was lucky enough to inherit 2 quilts from my cousins when they passed, they were sisters,  that I treasure because I remember the quilts being on their beds when I would visit them.)
The price of these needles is not for the faint of heart, however once I used a pair of these needles I just fell in love. I only own a few pairs of their needles. I have one straight pair that I use for knitting my dish clothes, one double point, and one pair of circular needles in a size that I use frequently. Someday (insert dream sequence music) I hope to own several more.

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