Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Summer Rain Shower

This weekend I chose to work on one of my projects that I had been saving for an extended sewing session. I sat down on Sunday and began sewing 5" squares of batik's.

I sewed until I had used up all 156 squares. Once I had the body of the quilt sewn I needed to add a small border. After looking at the quilt on my design wall I decided it looked a bit like one of those rain showers in the summer when the sun is still shining.

After adding the borders the quilt measured 55"x69", a nice lap size quilt.

At this point I took the quilt off the design wall and took it back to my cutting table. Using the twisted pinwheel tool I then cut out squares out of the quilt top.

This leave the quilt top in shreds.

Next its back to the sewing table to resew all these pieces. (This is why I wanted a long sewing session.) 

Its really important to keep all the pieces in their proper places so chain piecing is the way to go.

I am very happy with the finished top. It is approx. 1/3 smaller than the original quilt top. I just need to add on a border and the top will be finished. YAY!

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