Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Yesterday I shared my list of goals I made for the next year which included knitting some hats, scarves and gloves. My favorite part of setting my goals is in the planning just what I am going to knit and with what yarn,. I plan to knit these items with just yarn that I have spun myself.

Which comes first, the pattern or the yarn? Yarn.

 I spun these yarns first and then found patterns to go with them. My first hat will be knit with some roving I spun up just receiently. I purchased the roving on a trip to Ashville, NC. I have plenty of this yarn that I can match the hat, scarf, and gloves. I am not in love with the color but maybe it will grow on my. The yarn is super soft!

 I am not sure I have enough of this yarn for this pattern or if this is even the right pattern for the yarn. We will see. The yarn is grey and a dusty purple, not easy to photograph. I think the hat and the gloves will be done in a grey.

 I love this next yarn and pattern combo and due to the colors I think the scarf will be pick up the green in this yarn and the gloves the burgundy. I don't think ever set has to be matchy matchy but just look like they go together.

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