Saturday, November 2, 2013


Welcome to Knot Your Grandmother! My name is Tammy and I am no ones Grandmother. I am however am Mom of two great Sailors who I hope one day will give me grand kids but that is not what this blog is about.  I intend this blog to be about what I love...fiber arts.
I grew up with a Mom who sewed some of my clothes but I never took an interest in sewing. My Mom was and still is a ceramics teacher. I grew up with molds and slip and greenware everywhere. There was the warmth (and smell) from the kilns as Mom was firing her class pieces in one of the two kilns she owned. I was allowed to paint anything I wanted but it just wasn't for me. It didn't hold my interest. Mom taught me the basics of knitting and crocheting but those didn't stick either. I just wasn't interested.
As I got older, late teens, I discovered cross stitch and began working on pieces that sparked my interest. I finished very little but enjoyed working on pieces none the less.
In 1993 my husband and I along with our daughter moved to Vermont. I fell in love with the quilts that seemed to be everywhere. We lived close to a shopping center in Winooski, Vt  and there was a quilt shop right in the mall. I would walk by pushing my daughter in a stroller and just drool over the quilts in the window. The colors and patterns were gorgeous.  One day I decided to purchase a quilt and that is the moment my world changed. My husband said no! What? But...No!?! He said if I wanted a quilt I should make one myself. Understand that I didn't sew...not a lick. I didn't even own a sewing machine, or thread, or even a thimble and needles. No problem my husband said, they teach classes at the quilt shop and we will buy you a sewing machine. Thus my quilting journey began.
Now lets fast forward to 2005. I had been quilting for many many years and gave away almost everything I made as gifts to those I love. In 2004 however I had stopped quilting due to extreme pain in my left hand. For months I didn't even step into my studio as it was just to hard to look at everything and not be able to create. In the spring of 2004 I had my first of 2 hand surgery's to alleviate my hand pain. I found recovery hard and I was struggling with range of motion. I was unable to touch my fingers to my thumb after the first surgery and decided to try knitting as a way to help with my therapy. I watched you tube videos and figured out how to knit with a bum hand. I was able to hold a needle in my left hand and so I began knitting a little everyday. After my second surgery I continued knitting I found I really enjoyed the process.
Here is something you need to know about me, I am a process person, not a product person. I enjoy the act of doing more than the act of finishing. I could care less if I ever finish a project as its just the whole process that I enjoy. More on the later.
Anyway that is an explanation on how I became a quilter and a knitter. This was the cliff note version and I am sure that I will flush out the story as time goes on.
Knot Your Grandmothers is about fiber as a art not as a product. This is about making something because you enjoy it not because you need it. I think this opens me up to try new things, explore new ideas without ever feeling like I have failed.
I pray you enjoy this blog and my rambling post.  Again I say Welcome! Would you like some coffee or tea?

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