Monday, November 18, 2013

My Studio...the before pics

I am calling these the Before pics because my studio is a mess. I will post more pictures after I give it a through cleaning.

The first thing you see walking in the room is my long arm quilting machine. I call it Lola. Lola is almost 15' long. She's a big girl.

To the right as you walk in is my ironing table. I like a large place to iron, this is way better than a simple ironing board and extra storage is always a plus.

Straight ahead from the door is my sewing machine. We took an old kitchen table and cut a whole in it to set my machine in. My machine is level with the table. Its is wonderful when sewing together whole quilts. Oh and my sewing chair...its an exercise ball that sits in a stand. Sometime I sit for hours and this is so comfortable.

The backside of Lola holds empty boxes and just junk right now. I am planning to purchase some more storage containers to hold fabric but that is in the future.

Next is my design wall and the floor in front of it I try to keep open but as you can see its a mess. Can I just say that I am not embarrassed to show you my mess. This is how it gets when you are being creative and the ideas are just flowing. Things just get left here and there. I just need a couple days to get it all back in order. No big deal. This is why I have a studio.I can just close the door and no one else is bothered by the mess.

My cutting table has some knitting supplies on it right now as I was winding yarn for a hat and picking out the needles I wanted to use.

Behind Lola is some shelving for fabrics and projects.

Behind the door is a small closet. My home is 140 years old so we don't have a lot of storage in the oldest part of the house. This room used to be our master bedroom but when Lola came to stay I took over the room as it was the biggest and I could have everything in one room. It was this room or the basement, I think we made the right choice as this room is just a pleasure to have as my studio.

Then we are back to the door into the room. This room is large with more than enough room. It has great light with the 4 windows. I like being able to sew without having to turn on lights.

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