Thursday, November 7, 2013

Scrap Quilt

Today I thought I would show you a quilt top that I just finished. Its made up of 2.5" squares. The pattern is called Scrap Vomit. Once you see the pictures you will understand why.
 In my studio I have a design wall. It is great to help me arrange blocks to get the most appealing setting. The wall allows me to step back and see what something looks like from a distance instead of having the pieces 8" from my face.
 As I said the pieces are 2.5" square, they finish up to be 2" once they are sewn together. Each square is sewn into a 7x7 block. I have an A block and a B block. "A" blocks are just all random fabrics sewn together. "B" blocks are combined with black and pink solid fabric squares to give the quilt a pattern and give your eye somewhere to rest.

This seems like a ton of work, right? Truly its like eating an elephant, you just take one bite at a time. As I worked on other projects I would sew 2 squares together as my leaders and enders. I will make a post on how this works another day. But the point I want to end on is that I don't sit down at my sewing machine and just sew a hole quilt in one sitting. I tend to work a little on this quilt and a little on that quilt. It makes it more interesting for me and I feel like I can get more done even if I only sew for an hour.

I have no idea how I will quilt this quilt when I finally put it on my Longarm. Right now it just goes into the que.

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