Sunday, November 10, 2013

Peppermint Swirls Part 2

Lets begin piecing Peppermint Swirl. First we start with set up. I have my sewing area cleaned off...for the most part. The quilts in the upper right of the picture are all charity quilts that need binding. Its getting to be a really big pile and I need to get those on my to do list. I have my sewing table set up in front of one of my windows in my studio. I enjoy sewing by natural light and this room has that! It has 4 windows on three walls so the room is just flooded in light for the whole day.

Next I have my beverage, in the morning its coffee sitting on a hot plate to keep it warm and my ipad ready to watch some shows. It is nice to have something to listen to while I work. Sometimes I listen to books from Audible. I like to use Audible with books that are super long. I am an avid reader so this kills two birds with one stone.

Let the piecing begin! When I am piecing lots of the same things I will chain piece them together. That is just sewing one right after the next without breaking the thread. This is fast and you can just keeping going and going when you get in the zone. I tend to sew a bunch together say 50 and then cut them part and prepare them for ironing. I do this so that I am not just sitting for extended periods of time but am able to get up and move around.

Because the pieces are small triangles I snip the ends off so that when I press them open (to the dark side) I don't have little dog ears hanging out.

I will sew all 240 half square triangles together and then piece them to form the main block. I sewed up a sample so you get an idea of what the blocks will look like when pieced.
  So cute!

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