Monday, November 11, 2013

Time Management

Since I have more than one project going on at once I thought I'd explain how I split my time up between each activity.

Each mornings while I am drinking my first cup of coffee I plan out my day as to what I want to get done. After my husband goes off to work and I am home alone I head to my studio to sew or use my longarm machine. When my husband gets home I prefer to knit or spin as I can be in the same room as him. When my husband is traveling then all bets are off and I can spend all my free time in my studio.

This is plan for my time works great except in the summer I want to be outdoors more than indoors on beautiful days. Then I tend to spend just the mornings in my studio it gets so very hot in the afternoons. I will have to do a post one day about my studio space...when its clean.

I think last week when I told you about my self imposed Dish Cloth Challenge I forgot to mention how many cloths I had already knit. I had ten. Ten towards the sixteen I wanted to have done for Christmas. Well this week I was able to knit 3 more so just three more to go in the next few weeks and I am good for this years gifts then I can get started on next years much much longer list of recipients. You can see now why I feel challenging myself to one a week is a good idea.

This dish cloth was a use of left overs. I like how these turn out unexpectedly.

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