Saturday, November 16, 2013


Tomorrow I show you the fabric I bought yesterday with my sister but until then I wanted to show you some of my UFO's. UnFinished Objects.

The first of my unfinished projects is called Swoon. The blocks in this quilt are 24" square. I just love the graphic modern look the block has but just blowing it up to such a large size.

My plan for this quilt is to make it in grey's and teals to go in my living room. I think it would be the bees knees to have a bunch of quilts that coordinate with the decor. That is just one of my OCD's. I like my Christmas tree decorations to match the decor of the room as well.
This next UFO is just a string quilt made from a collection of beach theme fabrics. I have a fondness for the ocean. It just calls to me and I wonder all the time why I don't live in a house on the ocean. Someday. Anyway, this is what the finished block will look like. I have no idea how many I will use or how big the quilt will be, this is about the fabrics.

Here is the bin of my fabric strips all ready to go. I just need to sit down and get to it.

Papillon is a quilt where I have all the blocks done now I just need to get it on my design wall and sew the blocks together. This quilt will finish to be 67"x 81" just short of twin size. I just liked the colors in this, they are calming. I plan for this quilt to go in the dining room.

This last UFO was a gift from my oldest sister for my birthday or Christmas, I have had it for more than a year. She is a quilter and she gets me. It will finish up to be 90"x 98". I will use this quilt on a quest room bed.

Now I just need to get moving on these quilts. If you are keeping score I am currently working on Peppermint Swirl, the Mystery quilt begins in just a few weeks, and then these 4 UFO's. Don't worry I have a LOT more UFO's and I will share those when their turn comes up. I have issues.

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