Friday, November 22, 2013

Knitting To Go

Yesterday I showed you my Barn Raising Quilt that I make using left over sock yarn. I thought today I would show you my sock yarn kits.

I have several kits ready to go.

 When I get a new sock yarn I like to match it up with a pattern and place it in a zip lock bag and add some needles and I my kit is ready when I need to grab a project and go.

Knitting your own socks may seem a bit much but its a great take along project. If you have to wait at a Doctors office you can get a few rounds done. Sitting at the airport waiting for your are even able to take you knitting onto the plane. I have never had an issue with needles when flying. Long car rides are also great sock knitting time.

I will confess to having Second Sock Syndrome, its easy to get one sock knit but the second sock seems to drag on forever!

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